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¨Energy is our Currency.¨

ABSTRACT ARTIST AND PRODUCT DESIGNER. CREATED TO CREATE. Dreaming with her eyes wide-open. Angelica Tcherassi strives to express with her designs what inspires her on daily life: Family, Happiness, Desires, Dreams, Light. Her products and interiors give voice to a unique eclectic approach in which all merges to perfection. Tcherassi works as an Independent Product Designer, Creative Director  & Artist with a worldwide heart and vision. The overlapping analysis of craftsmanship and technology play an important role in her designs as well as materials and functionality in itself. For her it is vital through her designs to shine a light into the world through her creations. Injecting goodvibes into spaces and our daily lives is a choice, its a lifestyle. 
Being a Colombian, who lives in Spain,  she always strives to be involved in projects and collaborations that express the current Contempo vibes, as she likes to call them. For Angelica it is important to create pieces and spaces that captivate. Her first collection was launched during Barcelona Design Week 2013. Her designs have been featured by renown design magazines and blogs worldwide such as: Interior Design (USA), Azure (Canadá), Interni (Italia), Architectural Digest Italia (AD Italy Dec.), Elle Decoration Thailand, Creative Malaysia, Surface Asia (April-May), Habitar (Colombia), Elle Decor Spain , Glam Deko Malaysia, Spaghetti (Italia) Surface (USA) etc... ARTPOWER´s books: "Flourishing Furniture", "Food Player" and "Furniture Design Now". Websites like: Büro24/7 ME, Büro24/7 HR, Design Milk, Mocolo, The Fancy, Artsetters, Monomio and Dwell among many others.
Angelica is from Barranquilla (Colombia), a country that she'll always have in her heart. La Arenosa, the Golden Gate city of Colombia, was the place where she grew up in for the first 23 years of her life. Since 2003, Barcelona became her new home, where she graduated from her Architecture & Design studies. After working with international design studios, in 2018, to create her own practice with her own name: Angelica Tcherassi, was a must for her.
For Tcherassi people should be able to read a same object in several different ways, to transport their minds to a happy place, to memories, to dreams, to connect with their heart and emotions. Design and Art should go by hand in the craftsmanship of it all, evoking and provoking sentiments. Tcherassi's work is in the true spirit of being lively, by creating scenarios and pieces that merge through values such as functionality, quality and consciousness of the world itself. By erasing eras, styles and prejudices she emphasises in being global, as she believes nowadays the access to information and how we work and relate create a much more eclectic way of appreciating and enjoying design overall. She believes through art and design we can connect in more ways than just physical.


During confinement, this past March 2020, a new line was born, in the desire to remain creative and give a voice to her soul, THE VIBES by AT was born. These artworks have the clear mission for Angelica to help elevate the energy of spaces and uplift our own vibrations / emotions through the Power of Color and Form.  

STARTING 2021 Collaborations

Her Abstract Art and Product Design Collaborations include distinguished design companies with whom projects are in the pipeline. From Fashion labels to candies ; )
I believe in the Universe, Love, Energy, Resilience, Abundance, Supporting each other, We are All One. Choosing to vibrate high on a daily basis is a Lifestyle that Angelica as an Artist want to merge and take into other mediums through what resonates with her as an Artist. 


Created and just launched THE JOY OF LIVING clothing line. Lively sustainable unisex collection of t-shirts and apparel for the whole family, made of 100% Organic Cotton and Recycled Materials. Including also a KIDS collection. To cherish creative minds, the power of believing in your dreams and seeing the beauty and respect for LIFE. 

-"Colombia as a starting point, the world and life

itself the journey..."


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