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Abstract Artist / Created to Create.
Angelica is an Abstract Artist & Product Designer with a Universal view. Colombian, based in Barcelona. Boldness, charm & elegance is what characterises Angelica Tcherassi's approach. Angelica believes in the power of color and form to uplift the human spirit. With an unshakeable joie de vivre, AT is a fearlessly artist that likes to experiment with any medium possible—from paintings, to homeware to accessories and fashion that all radiate rich color and forms—to forge whimsical reprieves where everyone is in touch with their inner child, abundance  and power. As a good latina, it is important to her to generate emotions, and be able to have different readings within her pieces, evoking and provoking. Learning to see the world with a new set of eyes each day. Injecting light into a New World with what resonates with her as an Artist. Always striving to give a touch of Umph and wonder to life itself, above it all, turning the Ordinary into ExtraOrdinary.
In a New World Always 
Believe to See. Have Trust in the Universe. Know We are One.

M Editions of 22 / L Editions of 11

"CREATION_ A little part of you set free into this world"...
In the hopes that through emotions, vibrations, feelings we get to contribute to a better world, a better state of conscious and a better understanding of who we are and where we are going. As Designers we wear our hearts on our sleeves, as Artists we loose freight of being vulnerable. As through our work we bare our soul out into the open, not to be judged, but to connect in other ways otherwise unknown.

"Vibrant, playful, and pleasing.