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Angelica Tcherassi is an Abstract Artist with a solid background in Architecture and Design believer of energy, spirituality, a world of abundance and the subtle who uses Art as a means to connect with the universe and evolve our human consciousness. Understanding we are souls living a human experience. Angelica was born in Barranquilla (Colombia), a country that she'll always have in her heart. La Arenosa, the Golden Gate city of Colombia, was the place where she grew up in for the first 23 years of her life. Inyecting in her bones the importance of color, a joyful spirit and resilience. Since 2003, Barcelona became her new home, where she graduated from her Architecture & Design studies as well as gaining a wider Cosmopolitan vision. After working with international design studios, in 2018, to create her own practice with her own name: Angelica Tcherassi, was a must for her.


Working in series by experimenting with a same artwork in different colors in the hopes to express and explore along with the viewer the nuances of perception and emotion within her artwork. Each variation evokes different moods and interpretations, highlighting the power of color in each artistic expression. Color and form help us connect within, transmit and transcend our emotions. Through the power of color we can uplift our vibes and align our energy. In her artworks we can observe AT background as an Architect and Designer. Her unique mix and match of colors and unique composition of forms engages with the observer and open the door into AT whimsical artworks that celebrate an unshakeable joie de vivre. Angelica like to see the glass half full, she knows life is not always easy, but knows it is worth living. Choosing to vibrate high is a lifestyle.

Being a Colombian, who lives in Spain,  she always strives to be involved in projects, collaborations and produce series that express her essence and colorful spirit . Her first collection was launched during Barcelona Design Week 2013. Her designs have been featured by renown design magazines and blogs worldwide such as: Interior Design (USA), Azure (Canadá), Interni (Italia), Architectural Digest Italia (AD Italy Dec.), Elle Decoration Thailand, Creative Malaysia, Surface Asia (April-May), Habitar (Colombia), Elle Decor Spain , Glam Deko Malaysia, Spaghetti (Italia) Surface (USA) etc... ARTPOWER´s books: "Flourishing Furniture", "Food Player" and "Furniture Design Now". Websites like: Büro24/7 ME, Büro24/7 HR, Design Milk, Mocolo, The Fancy, Artsetters, Monomio and Dwell among many others.

Mondrian, Matisse, Rothko and Josep Albers are some of the famous artists that have inspired AT's curiosity with experimenting a same piece in different colors and the usage of forms to connect with a higher self. Through color AT explores the contrast of both colors and perceptions, what colors does to us, how we interact and feel around the different mix and matches aiming to unveil our human inner layers and release our emotions. 


-"Colombia as a starting point, the world and life itself the journey..." AT

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